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Manufacturing Update

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I wanted to give everyone a manufacturing update.



The first samples from China have shipped and I should be receiving them in a couple days. :)



Below is a picture direct from China.



I will post more pictures via Facebook and when I receive them.



Once I receive the sample units, I will test them to ensure everything is at it should be. I plan on cutting hundreds of bottles. If everything checks out, the main production run will start. Once produced, assembled and packaged they will be sent by boat to a warehouse in the United Stated where they will be shipped out to all of you.



When I launched the Kinkajou on Kickstarter, my plan was to ship out the Kinkajou’s in late Sep 2012. At the current pace, they will not ship until late October early November. The main reasons for this delay are that I underestimated what it takes to bring a product from conception to reality. Originally I was planning to only create one mold for the main body and purchase off-the-shelf parts for the rest of the components but I couldn’t source the exact parts needed without compromising quality. The solution was to commission 5 molds. The only off-the-shelf parts used are the cutting wheels and springs. I also did not originally plan to have these manufactured in China, but it was really the best option. The boat ride over was never calculated in my estimates. While disappointed about the delay, I’m confident that the final product will be well worth the wait.



From now until the Kinkajou ships, I plan on posting weekly updates with pictures and videos. Most of these will be posted on Facebook. The easiest way to make sure you don’t miss these updates is to “Like” the kinkajou Facebook page. Those without a Facebook account will always be able to receive information via this site.






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